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Graduate Course Offerings 2016-17

(Tentative - course offerings and timetable may be subject to change.)

Graduate Course Timetable & Room Assignments by Term

Course outlines will be posted as they become available.

Core Courses

OutlinesTitleInstructorLocation and Time
9050A American Studies Method and Practice Alyssa MacLean Lawson 2270C
Tue, 11:30-1:30
9000B Foundations in American Cultural Studies (cross-listed with HIS 98XX: History & Theory) Laurel Shire Lawson 2270C
Wed, 1:30-4:30
9200B Canadian-American Relations Aldona Sendzikas Lawson 1222

Master's Research Project

MRP Supervisor

Elective Courses

Please refer to Graduate Course listings in English, History, Political Science, Music, FIMS, Women's Studies and Feminist Research, or other departments of interest or use to your plan of research. You must request and receive permission to register from the course instructor, and also clear your course selections with the American Studies program director(s). In general, any graduate course with U.S. content is a potential elective.

A = Fall Term Graduate Level Courses

B = Winter Term Graduate Level Courses