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We are offering a wide variety of courses for the 2021-22 academic year, including:

American Studies 2310G - American Nightmare
American Studies 3310F - Advanced American Studies
English 2401E - American Literature Survey
English 3480F -  Reading American Now
Film Studies 2159AB - Disney
Film Studies 2254F - Classical Hollywood Cinema
Film Studies 3342G -  Post-Classical Hollywood Cinema (1960-present)
Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies 2161B - Women and Popular Culture: Garbo to Gaga
Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies 3324G - Contemporary Topics in Critical Race Studies
Geography 2131B -  The Natural Environment
Geography 2411G - Indigenous Environments
History 2131A - The Presidency in American History
History 2134B - “Talkin’ Bout My Generation”: Youth, Rebellion and Rock n’ Roll
History 2135A - African-American History: Racism and the Struggle for Freedom in America
History 2171B - Greed is Good: History of Capitalism
History 2807F - Entrepreneurship In The United States And Canada Since 1800
History 3808G - Jewish Life in North America since 1880
History 3814F - Kicking and Screaming: Women’s Protest Movements in US and Canada
History 4703G - Canada and the United States
Indigenous Studies 2919F - The Iroquoians: Their History and Culture
Indigenous Studies 3722G - Indigenous Political and Legal Issues
Indigenous Studies 3880F - Indigenous Literatures of Turtle Island
Music 2700B -  Post-World War II Popular Music
Music 2701A/B - Musical Theatre
Music 2702B - Intro to Jazz
Political Science 3210F - Canada-U.S. Relations




Title: "Neighborhood of Fear: The Suburban Crisis in American Culture, 1975-2001"

Presented by: Kyle Riismandel, Professor of History, Rutgers University - Newark, and Author         

Date:          Thursday, Janaury 13, 2022
Location:   Virutally via Zoom
Time:         3:30-4:30PM ET

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