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Salem Witch Trial

by Joseph Baker, Courtesy of Library of Congress

Salem Witch Trial Lithograph.

American Studies Courses 2019-2020

American Nightmare: An Introduction to American Studies

AS 2310F (R. MacDougall)

In the increasingly polarized culture of the U.S., one American’s dream often seems to be another American’s nightmare. This course introduces key ideas in American culture (including the American Dream, American Exceptionalism, and American Identity), and examines current socio-political movements such as Black Lives Matter, #Me Too, and White Nationalism. 2 lecture hours, 0.5 course. 

Antirequisite(s): American Studies 2320F/G


Being American: Advanced American Studies

AS 3310G  (A.Sendzikas)

What defines being “American”?  How is the American identity constructed, and how and why is it frequently contested?  This course employs an interdisciplinary approach to explore the meaning(s) and definition(s) of American identity from multiple viewpoints, and within the context of US history, politics, regions, values, and culture. 2 seminar hours, 0.5 course. 

Antirequisite(s): American Studies 3320F/G 

Prerequisite(s): 1.0 History course at the 2200 level or above or enrolment in an American Studies module.