Faculty Affiliates

Edward Hopper, 1942



Department Ph.D. Areas of Specialization
English & Writing Studies
Stephen J. Adams Toronto The works of Ezra Pound, music, modernism, American literature
Michael Arntfield Western The works of Edgar Allan Poe, the American Gothic, social and literary constructions of crime and deviance, iconic American trials, film and television history
Tom Carmichael Toronto
Taiwo Adetunji Osinubi British Columbia 18th-century global slavery, slave narratives, post-slavery African and African-American culture
Thy Phu Berkeley Visual culture, particularly photography's intersections with literature, theory, and the representations of race
Joshua Schuster Pennsylvania Modern and contemporary American poetry, twentieth-century American literature, global modernism and philosophy, environmentalism, Jewish literature


Monda Halpern Queen's Nineteenth and twentieth-century Canadian and American women's history and Jewish history
Alison Meek (King's) Toronto Cold War America, American popular culture, media studies (television, political cartoons), terrorism and extremism, Florida/Miami history
Nina Reid-Maroney (Huron) Toronto The history of the American Enlightenment, religion, women, and anti-slavery movements in the nineteenth-century
Nancy Rhoden Princeton Colonial British America, the American Revolution, religious and social history
Frank Schumacher Cologne The international history of the U.S. within modern international relations, the history of modern war, imperialism and colonialism, the evolution of increasing global interaction since the eighteenth-century
Aldona Sendzikas Hawaii U.S. military history, American Studies, museum studies, the U.S. submarine service, particulary during WWII, prisoner of war issues, Cold War culture and society, Canada-U.S. relations

Laurel Shire

George Washington Nineteenth-century social and cultural history, the relationship between race, gender and U.S. expansion, Native and African American studies, women's history


Political Science
Cameron Anderson McGill Canadian politics, methodology, political behaviour and multilevel governance
Dan Bousfield McMaster Political economy of protest, psychoanalysis and politics, gender studies, international relations and qualitative methodology, ethnography, Korean social movements, militant masculinities
Neil Bradford (Huron) Carleton Public administration, public policy, comparative political economy
Cristine de Clercy Western Canadian politics, public policy and methodology, leadership, parliament, provincial politics, legislatures, policy innovations, the voluntary sector, women and politics
James E. Crimmins (Huron) Western Political theory, history of political philosophy, Utilitarianism, American political thought, American consitutional law.
Radoslav Dimitrov Minnesota Global environmental politics, climate change negotiations, UN diplomacy, argumentation and persuasion in world politics, global governance and institutions, norms and ethics in world politics, science and environmental policy
Salim Mansur Toronto Comparative/political economy of development, the Muslim world, Islam, South Asia, the Middle East
Ben Muller (King's) Queen's, Belfast Borders,security, identity, North American borders, biometric technology, surveillance studies, politics of risk, critical security studies, international relations, political theory
Paul Nesbitt-Larking (Huron) Carleton Canadian politics, comparative politics, political psychology, political communications
Andrew Sancton Oxford Municipal amalgamations, central local -relations, local government policy making, electoral redistribution
Laura Stephenson Duke Canadian politics, voting behaviour, methodology, Canadian and comparative elections, institutions, comparative political economy


Information & Media Studies
Tim Blackmore York Popular, mass, and folk culture, cultural aspects of war, industrial culture
Norma Coates Wisconsin Popular music, gender, the intersection of popular music with other cultural industries
Alison Hearn Simon Fraser Media and culture focussing on visual and tele-visual theory and culture, media art activism, the university as a cultural and political site
Keir Keightley Concordia Music industries, audio technologies, media stardom, Cold War masculinities, the history of musical authenticity, the new media of the Progressive Era, Hollywood, Tin Pan Alley, and early television
Daniel Robinson York Advertising, consumption, media history, political censorship and the National Film Board during the Cold War
Sasha Torres Cornell Critical theory, television studies, cultural studies of race, gender, and sexuality


Film Studies
Joseph Wlodarz Rochester American cinema history, international queer cinema, African-American cinema, film theory, television studies, critical race studies, theories of stardom, feminist and queer theory


Regna Darnell Pennsylvania First Nations languages and cultures


Childhood & Family Relations
Patrick Ryan (King's) Case Western Sociological, political, legal, and historical approaches toward childhood


Chi Carmody Georgetown Public international law, international trade law, international business transactions
Rande Kostal Oxford Anglo-American legal history


Emily Abrams Ansari Harvard Music and politics, the United States use of musicians as diplomats during the Cold War, racial politics and music, particularly the career of African-American composer Ulysses Kay


Women's Studies & Feminist Research
Miranda Green-Barteet Texas A&M 19th-century American Literature, with an emphasis on women and African American writers (Also affiliated with English and Writing Studies)
Sonia Halpern Art history examined with a feminist approach, the social, economic, and gender-political factors that have contributed to men's and women's distinct biographies, artistic production, and images of women (Also affiliated with English and Writing Studies)